Skytree ® CO2 Capture Technology

Skytree ® has developed a technology that offers a highly effective way to capture CO2 directly from the air around us.

We can store and re-use this CO2 in countless products and applications we use every day. We are working on prototypes, products and pilots for various markets.

ESA Spinout Technology

Skytree ® is a spinout company of the European Space Agency (ESA). Our CO2 re-capture process was originally developed for spacecraft to extract CO2 exhaled by astronauts on-board.

This technology took over 15 years to develop with a budget of over €70 million euros. It will be implemented in 2017 on the International Space Station.

Advantage of a Skytree® system

  • Location independent
  • Low maintenance
  • Supplier independent
  • No cylinders
  • Environmental friendly
  • Plug & play
  • Unlimited source
  • Safe