Skytree team

The Skytree team members have diverse backgrounds in education and origin, but we all share the same vision when it comes to the future of our company and of the environment.

Our working culture is based on a dynamic and smart approach to business, an open and understanding attitude to others and the desire to expand the boundaries of what is possible!


Max Beaumont

Strategy & Technology

Max graduated from the University of Warwick in the UK with a Master of Physics. After his studies, he joined ESA as a system engineer. During his time at ESA, he worked on the ACLS project and led a test campaign studying our sorbent before founding Skytree.


Bardia Alaee

Marketing & Finance

Bardia earned a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the HES Amsterdam. He has worked for over a decade in national and international sales departments in various industries, and most recently as an independent entrepreneur.

Ian Smith

Mechanical Engineer

Ian studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Bristol. He began his career as an engineer at Jaguar Land Rover. He later shifted his focus to cleantech, working as a test engineer at a wave energy company, before joining Skytree.


Piotr Kasper

Research & Development

Piotr graduated from the Technical University of Wroclaw in Poland with an MSc in chemistry. After working as a researcher in the field of life sciences at the University of Amsterdam and Leiden University, he joined Skytree as an R&D consultant.


Stefan Besseling

Analytical Chemist

Stefan currently is studying analytical chemistry at the HU (University of Utrecht). At Skytree, he is developing methods to more accurately determine the amount of CO2 desorbed from Skytree’s prototypes.

Skytree advisors

Ivo de la Rive Box


Ivo co-founded Quby, maker of one of Europe’s leading smart thermostats, and lead the growth of the company to over 150 employees and a successful exit for its founders. He graduated from the Delft University of Technology with a Master in Applied Physics.

Alexander Gunkel


Alex studied mechanical engineering and business administration at the Technical University Darmstadt. After his studies Alexander joined the European Space Agency as project manager in the office of the Inspector General.