Air Recirculation Technology

Implementing our air capture technology in terrestrial environments such as cars, planes, homes and hotel rooms leads to healthier indoor environments and also saves energy.

Closed Space CO2 and H2O Capture

Humans exhale on average 1 kilo of CO2 per day, and in closed environments, this can quickly build up and create symptoms such as headaches, nausea and decreased productivity.  Additionally there is considerable build up of water in closed environments due to human occupation.

Our process further improves air quality by considerably reducing the amount of outdoor air pollution that is ventilated into closed spaces.

Removing excess CO2 not only leads to healthier environments, it also has the added benefit of allowing greater air recirculation. This in turn reduces the need for a ventilation system to either heat or cool outside air creating energy savings.

This is also known as HLR (HVAC Load Reduction) Technology.

Advanced Closed-Loop System

Our CO2 extraction technology was developed by the European Space Agency to keep astronauts alive in space.

The Advanced Closed-Loop System (ACLS) is a regenerative life-support system for closed habitats that will soon be installed on board the International Space Station (ISS).