CO2 Supply

Skytree technology is highly effective in directly capturing and storing CO2 from the air. This CO2 can then be used in countless every-day products and applications.

Benefits of CO2

CO2 is vital to life on Earth. Plants and trees depend on it to provide us with oxygen and food. CO2 can also be used to purify water and produce energy.

Skytree works together with industry partners on applications such as water management, urban plant growth, aquarium aquaculture, and energy production.

Energy conversion

Our long-term goals lie in the emerging biosynthetic fuel market. An incredibly large-scale sustainable process that promises to transform one of our most important waste streams into an unlimited clean source of energy for the entire planet.

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Water treatment

CO2 can be used to purify water and Skytree works together with a manufacturer and distributor of fresh water generators to create a novel CO2 supply method. These new generators will be used on board ships and offshore constructions.

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Plant growth

Today more than half of the world’s population lives in cities and relies on food shipped over long distances. This inefficiency could be resolved by growing food locally, thus avoiding transportation costs while enabling access to fresher produce. CO2 increases plant growth efficiency by 20% to 40%, and therefore has a crucial role to play in this transformation.

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