Air to Fuel

Our long-term goals lie in the emerging biosynthetic fuel market. An incredibly large-scale sustainable process that promises to transform one of our most important waste streams into an unlimited clean source of energy for the entire planet.

Methanol from CO2

Skytree works together with our partner Gensoric to develop the world’s first residential power-to-liquid and CO2 usage system. The ‘willpower’ system allows every citizen to produce his or her own fuel at home from surrounding resources: CO2, water, and electricity. Combining Gensoric’s technology with our solution could enable the first 100% energy self-sufficient home. The project is backed by the European Commission.

This project is made possible thanks to an internationally patent-protected electro-biocatalytical process technology that converts atmospheric CO2 into methanol. This methanol can then be stored or used for heating, generating electricity, or producing transportation fuel.