Our Partners

Our partnerships are real roots of our Skytree. We are proud of our partners and build connections with industries all over the world.

We have partnerships across academia and the corporate world in which we test novel solutions to the challenge of energy & volume efficient CO2 removal processes.


AVL supports Skytree through in-depth simulations of the effect of Stomata on range extension in EVs.


Sogefi is Skytree’s manufacturing partner for Stomata.

University of Swansea

Swansea University supports Skytree through the supply of novel CO2-capture materials under the scope of an EU grant programme.


Fraunhofer supports Skytree through advice on testing set-ups as well as the supply of novel CO2-capture materials.

Our Canopy of Services


Your product is unique and has particular requirements, extreme use-cases and base use-cases. Our CO2 & humidity removal process can be tailored to meet the needs of your customer. We'll work closely with your engineering team to develop a product design that suits your specific needs.


Has your institution or company identified a high-potential material for application to CO2-removal? We'd be excited to characterize and compare its performance under real-world conditions as a service we provide.


Our automotive product is available for demonstration at short notice. Is your company/institution keen to develop a product line in a different sector using Skytree’s CO2 removal process? We can develop a feasibility pilot to start a new partnership.