Who we are

Our team here at Skytree are the heart and soul of the company. We are proud of our journey and the people that work with us everyday. We also look forward to building a greater family of smart, driven people who propel the cause of Skytree.

Interesting facts about the Skytree team

8 Nationalities

Our Skytree family of 10 comes from from Poland, Ireland, England, Netherlands, Germany, Bonaire, USA and New Zealand.


We plant 400 trees this year to offset our company emissions. Thus begins the SkyForest.


Our extended Skytree family has 20 plants and 5 fish in our offices.

Meet our Team

Our working culture is based on a dynamic and smart approach to business, an open and understanding attitude to others and the desire to expand the boundaries of what is possible!

Today Skytree is self-sustainable and generates (licensing) revenue through co-development projects on useful & scalable products for leading companies within industry. Skytree is also advised by the InvestInFuture fund and a stellar group of business angels

Max Beaumont

CEO & Founder

Floris de Bruijn


Alina Chanaewa, PhD

Head of Research & Development

Michael Jones

Senior Design Engineer

Patrick Hodgins

Principle Engineer

Our Canopy of Services


Your product is unique and has particular requirements, extreme use-cases and base use-cases. Our CO2 & humidity removal process can be tailored to meet the needs of your customer. We'll work closely with your engineering team to develop a product design that suits your specific needs.


Has your institution or company identified a high-potential material for application to CO2-removal? We'd be excited to characterize and compare its performance under real-world conditions as a service we provide.


Our automotive product is available for demonstration at short notice. Is your company/institution keen to develop a product line in a different sector using Skytree’s CO2 removal process? We can develop a feasibility pilot to start a new partnership.