Skytree ® technology

Skytree units extract excess CO2 and supply it wherever needed. Our unique sorbent scrubs CO2 directly from the air in a similar way to trees (only 100 times more efficiently). This CO2 is then released through a stable, regenerative and low-grade heating process.

Plug & Play CO2

We offer plug & play CO2 wherever you need it: from farming in the desert to managing the pH level of your swimming pool.

Just connect your Skytree unit to a power source and it will deliver all the CO2 you need.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our CO2 re-capture process was originally developed as part of a spacecraft on-board air recycling system. This system extracts the CO2 exhaled by astronauts on board spacecraft, thus enabling longer space missions.

Key to this capture process is the sorbent material, which delivers a high atmospheric CO2 capture performance thanks to its porosity, high surface area, and bonding functionality.

What’s more, this capture process is regenerative, meaning that it lasts many years without loss of efficiency or maintenance. At Skytree we have adapted this technology to the terrestrial atmosphere and are continuously improving it further.

As part of its R&D efforts, Skytree created a full-thermal vacuum test facility, which was combined with data from initial tests conducted at ESA facilities to validate the performance of our sorbent.

There are in principle no limits to our technology. The production of our sorbent is fully scalable.

We use porous plastic beads that have the unique property of attracting CO2 to their surface and releasing it when heated.

At this point we can supply CO2 on a small -and medium scale (grams and kilos), which provides sufficient capacity for our initial projects. An important consideration is the variation in market price for different amounts of CO2. Market prices tend to be much higher for small and medium amounts of CO2 than for large volumes (tons and kilotons). This makes our technology potentially much more cost-effective.

Large-volume industries are currently all carbon positive, pumping substantial amounts of CO2 into our atmosphere. Ultimately our goal is to use our technology to deliver industrial-level CO2 supply (tons and kilotons). Our technology’s scalability makes this a realistic long-term possibility.

Skytree currently owns two process patents that protect:

– the exposure configuration of our CO2 sorbent,
– the design of our desorption and adsorption cycles, and
– the way in which our capture process is coupled to specific applications

These patents were filed in the period 2013-2015 and are based on in-house tests performed by Skytree.

Skytree has recently filed for a third patent.

Our ultimate goal is to re-use excess CO2 on a large scale, thus contributing to closing the carbon loop.

What if we could convert CO2 into transportation fuel? The estimated economic benefit of closing the carbon loop amounts to billions of euros. More importantly, the benefits of such an achievement reach far beyond any economic profit.

Imagine the lasting impact this would have on our planet and climate change. Biosynthetic fuel truly embodies the triple bottom line principle: social, environmental and financial impact. Also known as the three pillars of sustainability: people, planet, and profit.

Our long-term goal is to bring our technology to the emerging biosynthetic fuel market. This ambition is in line with Skytree’s vision of creating a carbon-neutral economy for our planet.

Skytree follows a commercially driven philosophy where focus is placed on creating added value in existing small-scale consumer and industrial markets today.

Licensing partnerships

Our core competency is the transfer of our Direct Air Capture technology to products and applications on the small to medium scale.

We bring these products and applications to the market by establishing licensing agreement partnerships with leading companies within industry.