Imagine breathing safer, healthier air in your car whilst making those daily journeys. Our Ersa product, improves car efficiency and keeps you safe from pollutants and drowsiness.



Meet our first automotive product: Ersa. Designed from the ground up to create better air in cars and better experiences by passengers, all while improving the power efficiency of your electric vehicle.
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We are looking to make better air, indoors. Where is next in our journey?
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Protecting passengers from pollutants and gases while enriching air quality for better journey experience


Ersa decreases humidity in cabin (defogging windows) and the better air keeps the driver alert and aware.


Overall car power efficiency is increased while extending the range on car journeys.


Skytree joins Greentown Labs!

On November 19, Skytree took part in a pitch competition alongside 11 Dutch cleantech scaleups driving cutting-edge solutions. Some other companies who took part included; EXXFIRE, hello energy, IBIS Power, REDstack BV, Semiotic Labs, and TWTG. Hosted by the Netherlands Innovation Network and Greentown Labs, this competition was the culmination of a 6-week immersive program…

virtual events in cleantech

From Boston with love

Skytree is participating in a virtual cleantech scaleup mission in Boston! The entire programme lasts around 6 weeks and will conclude with a final pitch event! The first day, this past Friday, we all took a deep dive into clean tech. We will be blogging about our experience with this event as the weeks go…

PHOTO-2020-09-11-23-49-08 3

A team of Skytree climbers

    Climbing trees as a team-building experience sound like a great idea especially if you’re in a company called ‘Skytree’. So, in the afternoon of September 11th, the Skytree team took to the trees to jump, climb, grapple, zipline, and crawl their way between trees in Amsterdam’s forest. The team met in the area…

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