Skytree develops space age products and materials to make the air we breath better for life and our environment.



We are industry leaders in developing Direct Air Capture tech. We pull Carbon directly from the air which in turn has the potential to be turned into fuels or building materials.



We build relationships to industries and academia to strengthen our growing ecosystem. Working together we can help develop better solutions for a better climate.

Meet our Product


Skytree’s Stomata reduces the load on a car HVAC system by enabling the recirculation of internal cabin air at the same temperature while maintaining its quality. Effectively creating an indoor air bubble, Stomata also leads to healthier cabin air and longer external air filter lifetimes by reducing the amount pollution introduced into the car cabin, while filtering unhealthy gases such as NOx and SOx.


Utilising space tech for sustainable needs: Skytree featured in ‘I amsterdam’

We were delighted to be featured on the ‘I amsterdam‘ website.  Read the start of the article below: As he hopped his foot across the surface of the moon, crunching it into the dust and debris of a place no human had ever graced before, Neil Armstrong never knew just how portentous his “one giant…


Skytree featured in Fast Company

Skytree is proud to be featured in Fast Company in an in-depth article about the Direct Air Capture industry. Read our contribution below: Skytree, a Dutch startup that makes technology that is already used on the International Space Station to maintain safe levels of CO2, is currently testing ways to make that technology more efficient…


Skytree wins Environment category at the Hello Tomorrow Challenge in Paris!

Skytree is proud to have won the ‘Environment’ category at the Hello Tomorrow Challenge held in Paris last week. Next to receiving the €15.000 track prize we also had the chance to present Skytree to the entire summit audience during its closing session. Séverin Fischer, Head of environment and extra financial accounting at BNP Paribas…

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Our Partners

Our Canopy of Services


Your product is unique and has particular requirements, extreme use-cases and base use-cases. Our CO2 & humidity removal process can be tailored to meet the needs of your customer. We'll work closely with your engineering team to develop a product design that suits your specific needs.


Has your institution or company identified a high-potential material for application to CO2-removal? We'd be excited to characterize and compare its performance under real-world conditions as a service we provide.


Our automotive product is available for demonstration at short notice. Is your company/institution keen to develop a product line in a different sector using Skytree’s CO2 removal process? We can develop a feasibility pilot to start a new partnership.