Skytree develops space age products and materials to make the air we breathe better for life and our environment.



We are industry leaders in developing Direct Air Capture tech. We pull Carbon directly from the air which in turn has the potential to be turned into fuels or building materials.



We build relationships to industries and academia to strengthen our growing ecosystem. Working together we can help develop better solutions for a better climate.

Meet our Product


Skytree’s Ersa reduces the load on the cars HVAC, increasing power efficiency by 50%. Effectively creating an internal air bubble, Ersa filters toxins in the cabin air, keeping the driver more alert affecting occupants health and safety.

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A team of Skytree climbers

    Climbing trees as a team-building experience sound like a great idea especially if you’re in a company called ‘Skytree’. So, in the afternoon of September 11th, the Skytree team took to the trees to jump, climb, grapple, zipline, and crawl their way between trees in Amsterdam’s forest. The team met in the area…

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Awarded by Solar Impulse

Today, we can officially announce that Skytree has been endorsed and validated by the Solar Impulse Foundation. In effect, this means that they have scrutinised our technology and our mission using an independent panel of experts and are happy to award us their label standard for sustainability and profitability. A few months ago we submitted…


The Skyforest takes root

At Skytree we just love trees, since they are master carbon capture machines, so we are proud to announce the beginning of our Skyforest. Since June 2020 we are supporting the Mossy Earth project. They will plant trees for us every month in the Southern Carpathian mountains in Romania. As such we plant over 500…

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