Skytree develops space age products and materials to make the air we breathe better for life and our environment.



We are industry leaders in developing Direct Air Capture tech. We pull Carbon directly from the air which in turn has the potential to be turned into fuels or building materials.



We build relationships to industries and academia to strengthen our growing ecosystem. Working together we can help develop better solutions for a better climate.

Meet our Product


Skytree’s Ersa reduces the load on the cars HVAC, increasing power efficiency by 50%. Effectively creating an internal air bubble, Era filters toxins in the cabin air, keeping the driver more alert affecting occupants health and safety.


A new website, new direction takes root

  We here at Skytree HQ are very proud to announce the launch of Skytree’s brand new website. We have taken a deliberate and specialised root to launch a site that represents who we are and what we aim to achieve in the coming period. Alongside the website we have re-worked our brand identity to…


Demonstration Street win at IDTechEx show

IDTechEx is a trade show which focuses on bringing together people from a variety of industries including EVs, printed electronics, wearables and sensors. Two major shows happen each year in Europe and the US respectively. There were about 3500 participants at the show in Santa Clara. Skytree applied for IDTechEx’s Demonstration Street, which offers start-ups…

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The Stomata hits field testing

It’s been a bumpy road. We’ve run through many designs including basic mock-ups, those with only partial-functionality and those that have ended in failure. We’ve also had our engineering roadblocks. Mainly electronics & control, and performance characterization. The latter is extremely important. If you can’t reliably measure the functionality of your system, how will you…

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