Onsite CO2
generation for CEA

Cultivating tomorrow, today

The fossil fuel flaw

Controlled environment agriculture is heavily reliant on a carbon dioxide supply chain powered by fossil fuels, either captured at emitting industries based on fossil fuel processes or by burning natural gas onsite and capturing the CO2 from the exhaust.

But with a steep rise in natural gas prices, unstable supply from industry, and the need to switch to fossil free food production, there’s a growing need for an alternative solution for vertical farmers and greenhouses.

Nourish your crops, nurture our planet

In an uncertain environment, Skytree offers an affordable, stable, and sustainable solution.

Skytree's patented process

Skytree’s patented process delivers onsite CO2 generation from ambient air. Enabling indoor farms and greenhouses to secure stable supply  and reduce costs. All while improving carbon footprint – and bottom line. 


Reliable CO2 for greener food production

Shift away from the traditional CO2 supply chains heavily reliant on fossil fuels and price volatility with two of our solutions - the Skytree Cumulus and the Skytree Stratus - now giving you flexible efficiency to capture 750-1,250kg of CO2 per day in one system.


For food, flowers, algae and cannabis

Skytree’s systems capture and concentrate CO2 directly from ambient air and deliver it at any required purity level. 90% pure gas stream for direct dosing in the growth area or through a storage tank, putting you in control


Why Skytree?

Cut down on fossil fuels

Transition from costly fossil fuels
to a circular CO2 supply.

No price fluctuations

Achieve price certainty by acquiring a Skytree unit at an affordable price.

Uninterrupted supply

Gain access to an uninterrupted supply with onsite generation.

Effortless integration

Easily integrate into your existing
CO2 distribution system.

Skytree’s circular supply

Fossil Fuel-Based
CO2 Supply

Fossil fuel combustion to produce CO2
is a one-way process.

Circular CO2

Skytree’s solution recycles captured CO2 on site from ambient air. Helping avoid new carbon dioxide emissions.

Efficient, cost-effective, and scalable CO2

Skytree’s innovative DAC technology revolutionizes the capture of atmospheric CO2.

Whether it’s our Skytree Cumulus for small-scale use cases or our Skytree Stratus for large-scale capture, our patented process filters ambient air to ensure a continuous, clean, cost-effective, and scalable supply of CO2.

Straight from the customers

"Direct Air Capture is an interesting technology that could be an alternative source of CO2 for several industries. Skytree has already delivered a machine that’s able to produce CO2."

Alexander Boedijn
Wageningen University & Research

"Joining the Pioneer Program has been a win-win for Néboda and Skytree. By implementing this game changer DAC technology, Néboda will achieve a reduction in CO2 costs of up to 79%."

Iván García Besada
Néboda Farms, Galicia, Spain

"Skytree is clearly leading the innovation around the ability to introduce direct air capture into a modular farm, bringing it into a non-disruptive manner for local communities, in a sustainable fashion."

Vinny Lima
GetBlok Farms, Pennsylvania, USA

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