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Skytree's unique decentralized direct air capture (DDAC) technology provides a reliable, eco-friendly, and cost-effective source of CO2 – empowering your customers to maintain full operational efficiency while making substantial strides towards sustainability.

By partnering with Skytree, you'll unlock the potential of the state-of-the-art DDAC technology that is set to change the game of CO2 in Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA).

Why work with Skytree?

Stand out from the crowd

Integrate Skytree's DAC system into your solution and set yourself apart in the market. Be an innovative provider committed to addressing a fundamental challenge in vertical farming.

Generate revenue and margin

Convert what your customers are spending today on CO2 into recurring revenue and increased margin for your business.

Level up value

Enhance the overall value of your solution. Empower growers with an integrated, hassle free and sustainable CO2 supply solution, streamlining their operations.

Go Green

Skytree's DAC system aligns seamlessly with sustainability goals, helping growers minimize their carbon footprint and contribute to a greener future.

We give our people what they need to succeed

We get out of the way (and let people get on with their work)

We share our financial success with our teams

We offer careers, not just jobs


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Skytree’s Pioneer Program

For any of your customers who wish to purchase a Skytree unit before the end of this year, we are delighted to honor a special 20% discount for them through our introductory offer.

Skytree’s Pioneer Program offers DDAC early adopters a chance to experience the power of the Skytree Cumulus

What’s in it for you?

A great source of revenue and margin and an opportunity to reduce the use of fossil fuels in food production.

Join the carbon revolution and be at the forefront of the sustainable CO2 transition.

Add value to your customers.

Fast track your agtech innovation offer.

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Use the contact form below to get in touch about any of the subjects listed above. And remember, if you have a unique use for CO2 that isn’t listed here, we’re still interested in hearing from you. You never know, your imagination could spark our next big idea.

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