Mining the sky,
solidifying the future

Extracting atmospheric carbon dioxide
for mineralization

From air to architecture

Innovative companies around the world are finding new ways to utilize CO2 to feed the building materials we need, while combating climate change. But they need a consistent, stable CO2 supply to do it. That’s where Skytree’s onsite direct air capture technology comes into play.

Sequester and utilize

Skytree’s highly modular, energy-efficient DAC technology provides a reliable, onsite source for your CO2 needs. Allowing you to permanently sequester carbon for a range of industrial uses. 

A new vision for CO2

A stable CO2 supply is critical for companies that aim to transform atmospheric carbon dioxide into cement and other critical building materials through mineralization processes. Skytree’s high-quality CO2 feedstock supports businesses in their need for sustainable building materials, and revolutionizes the way these materials are created. 

Paving the way to net zero

By capturing CO2 directly from the atmosphere and using it as a feedstock for your building materials, you're actively contributing to carbon sequestration and playing a part in mitigating climate change. Our modular units can capture and create up to 200 kilograms of CO2 per day, and can be scaled to suit your needs – providing endless possibilities. This allows you to put atmospheric CO2 to good use – enabling a carbon-negative raw material stream. So you can be one step further in the journey to fast-tracking your net-zero mission.

From air to minerals: A journey of transformation


Our onsite DAC technology takes in ambient air and filters it using our patented process, capturing atmospheric CO2.


The CO2 is desorbed under high temperatures.


This leaves you with a stream of industrial-grade carbon dioxide, which can facilitate the creation of building materials through mineralization processes.

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Why Skytree?

Cut down on fossil fuels

Transition from costly fossil fuels
to a circular CO2 supply.

No price fluctuations

Achieve price certainty by acquiring a Skytree unit at an affordable price.

Uninterrupted supply

Gain access to an uninterrupted supply with onsite generation.

Effortless integration

Easily integrate into your existing
CO2 distribution system.

Skytree’s circular supply

Fossil Fuel-Based
CO2 Supply

Fossil fuel combustion to produce CO2
is a one-way process.

Circular CO2

Skytree’s solution recycles captured CO2 on site from ambient air. Helping avoid new carbon dioxide emissions.

Curious about the impact of Skytree’s onsite DAC technology on your greenhouse?

Skytree Cumulus features:
Redefining CO2 management


Install and integrate with any CO2 distribution system with ease.


Stack multiple units to meet your demand.


Set your daily CO2 target for tracking via the tank.


Monitor and glean insights 24/7 with IoT-connected systems.

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CO2 Data for better
carbon footprinting

We have observed many farms need a helping hand when it comes to understanding the carbon footprint of the fossil fuel based CO2 that is typically purchased throughout the year.

We also understand that there is no one size fits all approach to farms and want to improve industry standards & benchmarking. To make it easy and simple to better understand the emissions coming from your CO2 supply required today please take a few minutes to answer some questions and we promise to share reports that will improve your reporting on carbon footprint.

A CO2 solution that never sleeps

When your farm needs CO2, there’s no room for interruptions. Skytree’s Uptime Assurance is a comprehensive service and maintenance package ensuring uninterrupted, long-term operation of your DDAC units.

It provides real-time monitoring and alerts via Skytree’s Service Cloud application, proactive filter replacement, regular preventive maintenance, and fast emergency support. So you can have seamless CO2 generation, and complete peace of mind.