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Here are some frequently asked questions

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What is the capacity of the Skytree Cumulus?

Skytree Cumulus can provide up to 20kg of CO2 per day. All units are modular and can be stacked to reach higher daily targets of CO2.

Skytree Cumulus

What products are available to purchase?

Our Skytree Cumulus is available for order with shipping of the product starting March 2024. While our Skytree Stratus and Stratus Hub are available for pre-order.

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How long does it take a Skytree Cumulus unit to produce 20kg of CO2?

The Skytree Cumulus produces 20kg of CO2 every 24 hours. As the captured CO2 is stored in a compression tank, the customer can dose the CO2 as desired.

Skytree Cumulus

How much space is needed to install the Skytree Cumulus unit?

One full Skytree Cumulus system requires approximately 2.5m x 2m x 2.5m, this is unoptimized and can be configured to meet space constraints.

Skytree Cumulus

What does the customer need to provide?

The main 2 requirements from the customer are:

1. An electrical connection (400V 3-phase, 50Hz or 208V 3-phase, 60Hz).

2. Connectivity: Wifi, eSIM or cable.

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After ordering the Skytree Cumulus what happens next?

Skytree will ensure that all installation and training is covered by in-person training and supported materials, as well as a responsive Helpdesk. Installation is easy and can be done by vertical farm or local installer, using our Site Installation Requirements.

For maximum peace of mind, Skytree provides an annual subscription Uptime Assurance, which covers all maintenance issues (see below).

Skytree Cumulus

What maintenance and support is offered?

All maintenance is performed through our Uptime Assurance contracts.

Including monitoring and alerting with corrective maintenance, preventive maintenance and filter replacement.

It also includes continuous innovation by design.

At every filter exchange the newest state of the art carbon capture filters will be installed.

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Does Skytree measure carbon impact?

Yes. Transparent carbon reporting is a fundamental part of who we are and what we do. We will ensure that every customer can analyze the impact of Skytree on their LCA and carbon footprint.

If you’re interested to learn more about making the switch to Skytree, please get in touch.

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Does every Skytree Cumulus Unit require its own Control unit?

Each Control unit is able to support 3 Skytree Cumulus Units with alternating desorption cycles.

Skytree Cumulus

What reporting metrics are accessible for Skytree Cumulus users?

The Cumulus has integrated reporting via IoT for viewing metrics on performance, status, efficiency etc. Information regarding system status and sensor values are also accessible via USB connection to the Control Unit and Main Unit.

Skytree Cumulus

Are there any consumables during normal Skytree Cumulus operation?

The Cumulus unit captures CO2 from the surrounding air so a steady rate of air replacement is needed to maintain 20kg per day of CO2 storage.

Besides electricity, the only other consumable is the sorbent material which has a life cycle of 30 months.

Skytree Cumulus

What kind of environment is needed to install the Skytree Cumulus system?

The optimal environment for a Cumulus system is an indoor area with ample supply of air replacement, temperatures between 5-30 degrees Celsius, and 10-80% humidity.

Skytree Cumulus

What is the Control Unit?

The Control Unit is a series of mechanical components that enable the desorption and flow of CO2 from the Unit to the buffer tank. It houses the compressors, vacuum pump, chillers, sensors and other necessary components.

Skytree Cumulus

What is the capacity of the Skytree Stratus?

Stratus has Hybrid and Electric models available at varying capacities. The electric power source model has a capacity from 1000kg CO2 per day. The hybrid unit has a capacity from 800kg per day.

Skytree Stratus

What are the power sources of the Skytree Stratus Hybrid system?

The Skytree Stratus Hybrid utilizes electricity and water heat. The water is heated from the excess heat generated as a byproduct of other processes at the site.

Skytree Stratus

How much space is needed to install a Skytree Stratus system?

The Skytree Stratus is intended for outdoor installation since it comes in a modular structure. The structure is 2x 10ft shipping containers (hybrid and electric) or 2x 20 ft containers (electric only) stacked on top of each other with each container aligned in its normal horizontal direction.

Skytree Stratus

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