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Sustainable fuels: The CO2 bottleneck

With key sectors leaning further into sustainability, the demand for sustainable e-fuels is rapidly increasing as it becomes a pivotal foundation in our collective mission to decarbonize. 

At the heart of this e-fuel revolution lies a significant and pressing challenge - acquiring sources of clean and scalable CO2 for e-fuel production at a cost that aligns with economic realities.

Innovative CO2 solutions for sustainable e-fuels

Skytree’s innovative direct air capture (DAC) technology provides a scalable and cost-effective solution for capturing clean atmospheric CO2  – a cornerstone for a broad spectrum of fuels, spanning from basic methane, ethane, and propane to high-value commercial e-fuels like eMethanol and eSAF.

A comprehensive solution

Skytree’s DAC technology gives you full flexibility and sustainability, allowing you to get several thousand tonnes of continuous, circular, stable, and climate-friendly CO2 per day. 


Feedstock for eMethanol

CO2 is an essential feedstock for the production of eMethanol. Skytree’s DAC technology helps streamline eMethanol production, promising a clean and scalable CO2 supply for the future. 


Circular eSAF production

Skytree provides the essential CO2 needed for large-scale eSAF production – significantly cutting emissions and supporting the aviation industry with a sustainable fuel supply that burns far cleaner than conventional diesel and jet fuels.


Skytree’s circular supply

Fossil Fuel-Based
CO2 Supply

Fossil fuel combustion to produce CO2
is a one-way process.

Circular CO2

Skytree’s solution recycles captured CO2 on site from ambient air. Helping avoid new carbon dioxide emissions.

Efficient, cost-effective, and scalable CO2

Skytree’s innovative DAC technology revolutionizes the capture of atmospheric CO2.

Whether it’s our Skytree Stratus or multi-purpose Skytree Stratus Hub for large-volume capture, our patented process filters ambient air to ensure a continuous, clean, cost-effective, and scalable supply of CO2.

Why Skytree?

The perfect
CO2 supply partner

Rooted in sustainability and versatility, our CO2 solutions can seamlessly integrate at any scale.

No price fluctuations

Achieve price certainty by acquiring a Skytree unit at an affordable cost.

Scale at speed

Skytree scales at your pace. So you can meet the climate crisis head-on.

Tailored solutions

Skytree offers purification and liquefaction modules, specifically tailored to your needs.

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