Mining the sky, solidifying the future

Extracting atmospheric carbon dioxide for mineralization

From air to architecture

CO2 mineralization transforms carbon dioxide into stone – a process that naturally takes centuries but can be hugely accelerated with mineralization reactors. When integrated with DAC, you can produce raw materials that are ideal for cement or concrete production.

Building materials utilizing CO2

By capturing CO2 directly from the atmosphere and using it as a feedstock for your building materials, you're actively contributing to carbon sequestration and playing a part in mitigating climate change.

Sequester and Utilize

Skytree’s highly modular, energy-efficient DAC technology provides a reliable, onsite source for your CO2 needs. Allowing you to permanently sequester carbon for a range of industrial uses.


A new vision for CO2

CO2 mineralization results in sustainable building materials that permanently store CO2, helping solve the climate problem while opening up significant monetization opportunities.


Paving the way to net zero

Our units allow you to put atmospheric CO2 to good use – enabling a carbon-negative raw material stream. So you can be one step further in the journey to fast-tracking your net-zero mission.


Why Skytree?

Cut down on fossil fuels

Transition from costly fossil fuels
to a circular CO2 supply.

No price fluctuations

Achieve price certainty by acquiring a Skytree unit at an affordable price.

Uninterrupted supply

Gain access to an uninterrupted supply with onsite generation.

Effortless integration

Easily integrate into your existing
CO2 distribution system.

Skytree’s circular supply

Fossil Fuel-Based
CO2 Supply

Fossil fuel combustion to produce CO2
is a one-way process.

Circular CO2

Skytree’s solution recycles captured CO2 on site from ambient air. Helping avoid new carbon dioxide emissions.

Efficient, cost-effective, and scalable CO2

Skytree’s innovative DAC technology revolutionizes the capture of atmospheric CO2.

Whether it’s our Skytree Cumulus for small-scale use cases or our Skytree Stratus for large-scale capture, our patented process filters ambient air to ensure a continuous, clean, cost-effective, and scalable supply of CO2.

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