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greener greenhouses

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and greener carbon dioxide

The horticulture greenhouse CO2 conundrum

Traditional CO2 supply chains for greenhouses are predominantly reliant on fossil fuels, either through combined heat and power (CHP) systems, or piping or delivery from an industrial source, leaving growers vulnerable to volatile natural gas prices and unpredictable supply.

To prepare for a future without burning natural gas or taking CO2 from emitting industrial sources, it’s crucial to take proactive measures today to mitigate risks and secure a non fossil fuel based, compliant, affordable, steady, and stable supply of carbon dioxide.

Skytree’s onsite direct air capture technology offers a practical solution to tackle the challenges you face today, as well as the challenges ahead.

A new era of CO2 generation

Skytree’s energy-efficient, modular onsite DAC technology provides an affordable, sustainable, and reliable solution for your greenhouse’s CO2 supply needs.

Easy as A, B, CO2

Our technology captures CO2 from ambient air, concentrates it, and makes it ready for use in your greenhouse. So you can have full onsite access to carbon dioxide, without the hassle.

A solution fit for purpose

Our energy-efficient, modular scalable Skytree Cumulus decentralised direct air capture (DDAC) units offer CO2 for your vertical farm that can easily scale as your business grows. Starting with one, you can stack up to four units, capturing 10-20kg  of CO2 per day.

On top of this, you can install multiple stacks of four units next to each other, increasing your daily CO2 needs as your operation expands.

These fully automated units eliminate operational inefficiencies - putting you in control.

Upcycling the atmosphere for greener growth


Our onsite DAC technology takes in ambient air and filters it using our patented process, capturing atmospheric CO2.


The CO2 is desorbed under high temperatures.


This leaves you with a clean and concentrated stream of carbon dioxide, which can be used to supplement your CO2 supply and enhance your greenhouse growing.

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Why Skytree?

Cut down on fossil fuels

Transition from costly fossil fuels
to a circular CO2 supply.

No price fluctuations

Achieve price certainty by acquiring a Skytree unit at an affordable price.

Uninterrupted supply

Gain access to an uninterrupted supply with onsite generation.

Effortless integration

Easily integrate into your existing
CO2 distribution system.

Skytree’s circular supply

Fossil Fuel-Based
CO2 Supply

Fossil fuel combustion to produce CO2
is a one-way process.

Circular CO2

Skytree’s solution recycles captured CO2 on site from ambient air. Helping avoid new carbon dioxide emissions.

Curious about the impact of Skytree’s onsite DAC technology on your greenhouse?

Skytree Cumulus features:
Redefining CO2 management


Install and integrate with any CO2 distribution system with ease.


Stack multiple units to meet your demand.


Set your daily CO2 target for tracking via the tank.


Monitor and glean insights 24/7 with IoT-connected systems.

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A CO2 solution that never sleeps

When your farm needs CO2, there’s no room for interruptions. Skytree’s Uptime Assurance is a comprehensive service and maintenance package ensuring uninterrupted, long-term operation of your DDAC units.

It provides real-time monitoring and alerts via Skytree’s Service Cloud application, proactive filter replacement, regular preventive maintenance, and fast emergency support. So you can have seamless CO2 generation, and complete peace of mind.