For large-scale applications

Skytree Stratus

Our Skytree Stratus uses a cyclic filtration system and produces up to 2500kg of CO2 per unit, per day – ideal for larger-scale applications.

Ideal for


Underground Storage


Sustainable Building Materials

Sustainable Aviation Fuels

Skytree Stratus features


Independence and supply certainty.


Modularity allows for building up capacity over time, to any volume of CO2 required.


CO2 production, encouraging emission reduction and avoidance as well as negative emissions.


Install and integrate with your existing COdistribution system.


Modular architecture built for complete scalability to meet any CO2 needs.


A reliable supply of CO2 at predictable costs.


IoT enables 24/7 monitoring and real-time insights through Skytree Cloud.

A solution to fit your needs

We understand that CO2  requirements vary from use case to use case. That’s why our modular systems are designed to seamlessly fit together to generate the amount of CO2 your business requires, at your identified purity level. With the ability to stack Skytree units to fit your specific use case, you can always get exactly what you need, when you need it, at the location where you need it.

Skytree Stratus Hybrid 10

The most energy efficient system, it utilizes available thermal heat and electricity

Skytree Stratus Electric 10

Ideal CO2 system for areas with access to cost-effective green electricity

Skytree Stratus Electric 20

The highest capacity system designed to maximize CO2 capture capacity

Uptime Assurance Guaranteed

Skytree’s Uptime Assurance is a comprehensive service and maintenance package ensuring uninterrupted, long-term operation of your DAC units.

Monitoring & Alerting by Skytree

Filter Replacements

Preventive and Corrective Maintenance

Next Gen Tech Updates


Our filter captures CO2

from ambient air.


The sorbent is heated,
releasing the CO2.


The CO2  stream is pressurized in a buffer tank, allowing it to be used for multiple applications.

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Technical information

Skytree Stratus
Unit Dimension
Unit footprint
Total Weight
CO2 capture
CO2 purity
Energy consumption
Max power
Electrical Connection
Thermal Heat Integration
Noise Rating

Skytree Stratus Hybrid 10
3.05 x 2.44 x 5.18m
7.32 m2
10,000 kg
625kg CO2/day
>90% CO2
2.78 kWh per kg CO2
100 kW
3 phase 400V, 50Hz
80 dB

Skytree Stratus Electric 10
3.05 x 2.44 x 5.18m
7.32 m2
8,000 kg
925kg CO2/day
>90% CO2
3.3 kWh per kg CO2
165 kW
3 phase 400V, 50Hz
80 dB

Skytree Stratus Electric 20
6.10 x 2.44 x 5.18m
14.64 m2
28,000 kg
2500kg CO2/day
>90% CO2
1.93 kWh per kg CO2
265 kW
3 phase 400V, 50Hz
80 dB

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Empowering key industries

Controlled Environment Agriculture


Want to enhance growth in a controlled environment?



How can DAC support eFuel production for eMethanol, syngas, and eSAF ?

Building Materials


New CO2 removal methods for the world's most critical building materials.

Storage and Removal


Remove historic emissions with storage in geological formations.

Feeling left out?

Don't see your industry listed here? No problem! At Skytree, we understand that every business has unique CO2 supply needs. That's why our decentralized direct air capture (DDAC) solutions are designed for flexibility and scalability, ensuring they can meet the demands of any industry. Just get in touch, and we’ll discuss how Skytree can help meet your CO2 supply needs.

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