A team of Skytree climbers

Published on 
September 15, 2020

Climbing trees as a team-building experience sound like a great idea especially if you're in a company called 'Skytree'. So, in the afternoon of September 11th, the Skytree team took to the trees to jump, climb, grapple, zipline, and crawl their way between trees in Amsterdam's forest.

The team met in the area in front of the entrance where we were greeted with climbing harnesses and hard hats and swarms of kids excited to be climbing on a beautiful day. We were 11 adventurers ready to get into the lofty heights and swing 'Tarzan-like' into the Amsterdam canopy.

After a short-lived discussion on the pros and cons of wearing denim for such an escapade we stormed forward willing and mostly able to dive into the activity. The 'red hat' climbing officials showed us safety techniques and warned us to keep our safety lines attached at all times. Then after 15 minutes, we went forth into the upper echelons of Amsterdam's forest.

We split into two teams and launched into the different areas from leisurely course three to the 'extreme' course 10. For course 10 you needed extra instruction since it was the hardest and had bungee ropes and much more intense obstacles to traverse. Luckily everything went without a hitch and everyone was happy with the unique outing and wore the occasional bruise like a badge of honour. No pain no gain scenarios were encountered...

In the end we sat down (suitability distanced) with a well-earned beer to see the sunset over the trees on Amsterdamse Bos. We happy conquered those trees and properly earned the names of 'Skytree climbers'.

What will the Skytree team do next? Keep your eyes peeled on our blog for details.


At Fun Forest Amsterdam we are actively taking care of each other and nature. It is a very special place for us, but also a lot of others. There are multiple reasons for that:

  • With its climb park right in the forest, the reception desk at the Bosbaan, and our offices nearby, this beautiful and central location was a dream come true for us. The place is ideal for conducting our social mission.
  • The nice thing about the Amsterdam Forest is that it is not at all far away from the city center of Amsterdam, better yet, it’s in the middle of the city! Our park is situated within a 10-minute travel distance from Amsterdam South Station.
  • In our forest, we like to help each other. This does not only go for our guests, but also for our own employees. We want to make a difference in society, our kitchen, therefore, opens her doors for people with a distance to the job market. Together we help these people grow and empower them.

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