Amid Growing CO2 Supply Issues, Interest and Enthusiasm for DAC on Display at Recent Events

Published on 
August 23, 2023

Members of the global agricultural innovation ecosystem gathered at two prominent industry events in recent weeks to learn about latest trends, best practices, and new technologies in the controlled environment agriculture and greenhouse growing industries. Skytree was present at both events.

Indoor AgTech brought together the world’s leading growers, retailers, investors, and seed companies. Cultivate, held in Ohio, delivered educational sessions and workshop training for thousands of horticultural specialists from around the world.

For Skytree, participation in both events served as an opportunity to deepen awareness, increase visibility, and expand education around Direct Air Capture (DAC), the concept of carbon dioxide removal and reutilization, and its role in optimizing and scaling CEA activity. On the heels of the recently announced expansion into North America, the events also offered the chance to begin building new relationships with vertical farming and greenhouse businesses and executives in the region, many of whom are keenly aware of the importance of carbon dioxide or CO2 to their businesses and the need to find new solutions to satisfying ongoing needs.

In addition to sharing the value proposition of onsite carbon generation, and identifying potential new customers and partners, the events also provided the Skytree team the opportunity to hear directly from vertical farmers, greenhouse growers, and other CEA players to better understand their challenges and concerns. Many are struggling with multiple issues (and are anticipating further disruptions) related to their carbon dioxide supply including rising costs, supply chain disruptions, and unreliable delivery schedules, due in part to carbon providers prioritizing delivery to other industries, like beverage manufacturers and hospitals. Smaller businesses and farms are being left out in the cold, as a result.

Others expressed a desire to eschew truck deliveries and find a more environmentally conscious and sustainable solution to procuring carbon since carbon dioxide typically comes from the burning of fossil fuels. In the face of these challenges and increasing demand, attendees and visitors to the Skytree booth were eager to learn more about DAC technology and gain a deeper understanding of the benefits.

Interest in and enthusiasm for Skytree’s DAC technology was palpable, particularly among Indoor AgTech’s many technology-focused attendees who know that CO2 supply is a challenge that is not going away. It was evident that the ability to control carbon production on-site and having a greener CO2 solution holds great appeal for many show attendees. If these two events are any indication, the DAC technology landscape is likely to become more competitive as the promise of DAC gains traction in the months ahead.

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