Demonstration Street win at IDTechEx show

Published on 
April 7, 2020

IDTechEx is a trade show which focuses on bringing together people from a variety of industries including EVs, printed electronics, wearables and sensors. Two major shows happen each year in Europe and the US respectively. There were about 3500 participants at the show in Santa Clara.

Skytree applied for IDTechEx’s Demonstration Street, which offers start-ups huge discounts and offers them a platform to show off their prototypes. As Electric Vehicles was a major focus on the show, we saw an opportunity to come into contact with car manufacturers.

The 2-day show was a resounding success, resulting in leads at Geely, GM, Honda, Suzuki and Seres. We also had a great opportunity to spend time with our Sogefi colleagues whom we invited to share our stand.

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