Skystories: Camille Hanna, Business Development Director

Published on 
February 15, 2024

This month, we're shining a light on one of our Skytree superstars: Camille Hanna. Camille joined us last year to head up our North America sales team, so we sat down with her to find out how her first year has been with Skytree, what are her highlights so far, and what motivates her.

What was your first day at Skytree like?

I’m based in the US, but for my first week I was in Amsterdam getting to know the team, and Skytree! 

I was thrown into the deep end by representing Skytree at Greentech, one of the biggest CEA trade shows in Europe. The experience gave me insight into who we were speaking to and why, and it was such a pivotal point for the company because it was the first time we gained publicity as a DAC company in the CEA space. Being there to witness Skytree winning the Greentech innovation award was such a great moment to be part of, and it really felt like something shifted for us that week. The attention we received at the event was almost overwhelming, but it worked out perfectly as I learned how to speak about Skytree and it ensured I had a strong elevator pitch from the get go! 

What do you enjoy the most about your work here?

I love that you never have the same day twice. Every day is different and there is always a new challenge, which keeps things interesting. 

In my line of work I love trying new things, whether it’s new pitches, or a new business model, and there’s ample opportunity to do that at Skytree. 

There’s also a lot of mentorship at Skytree. A lot of the people working here have years of experience in dealing with specific market sectors, and there’s a great culture of learning that means I can always turn to someone with more experience or wisdom when I need it. 

Does Skytree support your personal growth?

Skytree really invests in its employees which I think is felt at all levels. A really unique characteristic of Skytree is that they don’t prioritize industry experience above all else. Having a good attitude and being able to work through challenges are considered as some of the most valuable attributes you can have here, and that is definitely visible across the business. If you can demonstrate that you’re a hard worker, regardless of previous experience, Skytree will put you in a position where you can grow professionally, which I think is so rare, especially in a start-up environment. 

What keeps you working here? 

Despite being based in a different country to the majority of the team, I feel so energized by the people at Skytree. It’s a very collaborative environment, maybe in part thanks to us all having a shared common goal, but you definitely feel like you can depend and rely on other people. 

When it comes to the work, you truly feel like you’re part of something bigger than yourself. We’re being pioneers in the carbon capture space, and we’re innovating in markets that have been crying out for innovation for a long time, so it’s exciting to be part of that. I feel like I’m contributing to bettering the planet, with a company that’s not only innovative but also sustainable, which is so important. 

What makes you proud of Skytree?

When you’re working for a company that is genuinely making a difference, and making an impact, it makes it easy to wake up every day and do your work. I’m enthusiastic to share what I’m working on with my friends and family, and I’m excited to be part of something that contributes to the greater good of the planet. 

What first attracted you to Skytree? 

I’ve always been really passionate about working for companies that consider themselves to be disruptive, and Skytree definitely fell into that category when I first came across them. Skytree has clear ambitions to be a pioneer in its field, and I wanted to be part of that. Having the opportunity to come into a start-up that had huge ambitions, as well as a ready-made audience and support the Go-to-Market in a new territory was something I couldn’t pass up. I feel very lucky to be part of such an innovative and ambitious company. 

Read more about open positions at Skytree here.

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