SkyStories: Meet Parisa Parhizgar, Electronics Development Engineer

Published on 
November 11, 2022

What stands out to you about the culture and work environment here at Skytree?

It is exciting that Skytree is open to everyone - you meet 16 different nationalities working together in one office. For me personally, this is very important, as I come from Iran. I did my Bachelor's and Master's in Electrical Engineering at Shiraz University and my Ph.D. in Communication Systems at Isfahan University. During my Ph.D. I decided to come to Twente Universiteit in the Netherlands and found a research opportunity at Skytree, where I started working as an Electronics Development Engineer. I believe these unique backgrounds are beneficial for us, the people here, because by sharing our  diverse experiences we feel comfortable and accepted at our workplace. In addition to diversity, the other thing I see here is a very effective cooperation between colleagues and different departments, which helps to be incredibly fast at solving problems. By keeping everyone updated with each other's work, we move forward and expand our interdisciplinary knowledge. Last but not least, it is important that I never feel competition in the office - we are working WITH, not against each other. 

In your opinion, what is the purpose of Skytree?

Skytree is very consistent and precise when it comes to its purpose. I would say that flexibility, collaboration, and efficient planning that is cherished here allows us to implement phenomenal innovations in very little time. In my opinion, the purpose of Skytree is to help the world in many possible ways, as we aim to invent a technology that is crucial for both customers and the future of the planet. The combination of creative vision and relentless focus on monitoring results is what makes me believe in Skytree.

Could you explain a bit more about your typical day here?

With my professional experience in communication systems, energy harvesting, and IoT fields, I mostly concentrate on electrical optimization techniques now. During my typical day, I spend the vast majority of my time working on electrical hardware and software for different devices, designing electronics and prototypes. Additionally I debug the systems, diagnose pieces that need modification, and implement the needed changes. In general, my job is to find issues and come up with solutions to fix them. Occasionally I research specific topics, have meetings with colleagues to tackle certain issues that can only be solved through interdepartmental collaboration, and in my free time I look for ways to enhance electronics designs and implementation.

What do you like the most about your job?

The friendly relationships and support that everyone receives. It feels like family. I also enjoy the flexibility of working hours - no one tries to put you in a very pressurized  position, and you have the independence to adjust your working hours in the way it fits you best. In addition to work, we have social experiences on Thursdays that make me even more excited about being a part of Skytree. This company is a constantly evolving space, and every day I expand my knowledge in new ways. Therefore, while developing a product, we also improve ourselves as individuals. Above all, overcoming the challenges together and becoming more innovative every day makes me confident in myself and my work here


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