SkyStories: Meet Tim Broekema, Research Engineer

Published on 
November 24, 2023

Skytree welcomed Tim in September of 2022 as a Research Engineer brought on to bridge the gap between R&D and engineering teams. His day to day consists mainly of designing and building test set-ups for Skytree materials and filters. This ensures that we have extensive knowledge of how the product works and how it can be improved. Including but not limited to sorbent life time, performance under different environmental conditions, or performance testing of new prototypes.

Without further ado, meet Tim, our Research Engineer!

What was your first day at Skytree like?

“Everybody was very welcoming and explained well how everything in the company works. At the end of the day we had a team activity organized by the champagne committee, who took it upon themselves to plan weekly company outings. On that day, a beach volleyball session was planned, only they forgot to tell me. So I was playing beach volleyball in fancy clothes and 30 C. But it was a lot of fun!”

What do you enjoy the most about your work here?

“I like the openness to new ideas. I never like it when the answer to why we do things a certain way is because we’ve always done it like this.”

Does Skytree support your personal growth?

“The things that have to be done are often right on the border of things I already know and things that I have to figure out how to do. This is a nice balance between learning new things and doing what you already know. I’ve also got the chance to participate in several events as a speaker, as I also enjoy connecting the business side of things with the technical aspect and communicating that externally.”

What keeps you working here? 

“Learning new interesting things, the young team that is very smart but also fun to be around, the prospect of the impact that we can make, the combination of tinkering in the labs and a more theoretical analysis.”

What makes you proud of Skytree?

“When I started one year ago the company took on a new direction, which meant that many aspects and technical challenges we’ve already conquered needed to be challenged again. It is very cool to see the immense progress we have made from that point to now having received our first product orders.”

Read more about open positions at Skytree here.

Lucie Jechova
Lucie Jechova
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