Skystories: Sagar Epari, Software Manager 

Published on 
April 10, 2024

Q: What was your first day at Skytree like?

A: Like any startup, I expected it to be a bit chaotic but exciting. I sat down at my desk with my laptop and was simply told, "Let's get started." My manager outlined what would be needed for me to succeed, emphasizing independence. The way I saw it, it was a tremendous opportunity for me. It was a sweet surprise that Skytree did not have anything set-up. Within the first month, we made some quick decisions such as to go for Azure and to use Azure device SDK. The team had limited knowledge about IoT, but I found the chaos quite fun and saw a great opportunity to not only learn, but to coach.

Q: What do you enjoy the most about your work here at Skytree?

A: With 20 years of experience under my belt, I bring a wealth of knowledge to the table, and I see Skytree as a platform where I can shape the company's story. The supportive environment, especially through our Slack group "the gang," keeps us motivated and constantly striving to be better. I find myself coming into the office more often because I genuinely enjoy working with the people here. Plus, I love solving problems, especially when it comes to IoT or software in general, and the team's attitude towards getting things done is infectious.

Q: Does Skytree support your personal growth?

A: Absolutely. Every time I've approached the team about growth opportunities, I've received positive and inclusive responses. One thing I noticed was a gap in understanding the optimum way to structure the software team within the company, so I proposed forming a dedicated software division. The idea was well-received, and now we have a thriving team of four, collaborating with external partners. Skytree's openness to new ideas and initiatives has been instrumental in my personal and professional growth.

Q: What keeps you motivated to work here at Skytree?

A: My passion for climate technology is a big driving force. My dad's inspiration to start a business focused on electric vehicles always stuck with me. When Skytree came along, I saw it as an opportunity to contribute to something meaningful in the climate tech space. Despite any challenges, I still look forward to coming to the office every day because I believe in what we're doing here.

Q: What makes you proud of being a part of Skytree?

A: Skytree's commitment to integrating climate data and pioneering solutions sets it apart. We're not just writing code; we're thinking beyond and creating platforms that lead the market. The potential for innovation and the impact we can make on climate-related issues is what makes me proud to be a part of this journey.

Q: What initially attracted you to Skytree?

A: I was drawn to Skytree's blend of corporate and startup culture. Having previously worked in corporate & startup environment, I wanted to continue my startup journey and learn from the innovative work being done here. Despite initially feeling like an outsider as a software team member, I quickly realized the value I could bring to the company and the opportunities for growth it presented.

Read more about open positions at Skytree here.

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