Skystories: Sara Tamariz, Office Manager & HR administrator manager - People & Places Team

Published on 
May 17, 2024

Q: What was your first day at Skytree like?

A: Joining nearly a year ago, my first day at Skytree was quite daunting. There was a vast amount of information crammed into just three days, and I was joining a fairly new team, so there was a lot to establish. I'm not afraid of hard work, but the sheer volume of tasks seemed like a big challenge. But I got involved quickly, and a year later I’m still here! 

Q: What do you enjoy the most about your work here at Skytree?

A: What I love most about working at Skytree is the dynamic nature of each day. Every day presents new challenges, and I particularly enjoy the diversity within the team. Being able to switch between languages - Spanish, English, and Dutch - keeps my energy levels high. My role is very central, and I get to view the company from an “umbrella” perspective, able to support on lots of different things across all departments and working with new people each day. 

Q: Does Skytree support your personal growth?

A: Absolutely. We've achieved a lot in a relatively short time, and I'm proud of how mature our People & Places department has become. We're ambitious and driven to accomplish everything we set out to do. What's even more impressive to me is the speed at which we operate. It's the first time I've seen such efficiency in an organization. We're not just talking about getting things done; we're actually doing it, and sometimes it truly feels like a miracle.

Q: What keeps you motivated to work here at Skytree?

A: The freedom to design things in my own style is what motivates me. Here, there's ample space for me to be myself and apply my experience to the role. Having this autonomy keeps me engaged and excited about the work I do.

Q: What makes you proud of being a part of Skytree?

A: Knowing that Skytree's work directly contributes to combating climate change makes me proud to be a part of this organization. While it may seem like a small contribution, I believe every effort counts in making a difference.

Q: What initially attracted you to Skytree?

A: The opportunity to work closely with people and set up structures for information management drew me to Skytree. I enjoy personal contact and communication, especially across languages, as I find it fulfilling to be a bridge between different cultures. Additionally, the collaborative culture within Skytree was very appealing to me.

Q: What do you think is the most exciting part of our future?

A: Coming from a background in international organizations and startups, I've witnessed both growth and failure firsthand. Building a stable organization is the most exciting aspect of our future at Skytree. From my experience with other startups, I've seen the challenges of rapid hiring and firing. However, at Skytree, we're growing steadily and methodically. It's exciting to witness this growth and foresee a strong future for the company. If we continue on this path, success is inevitable.

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