Skytree Introduces Leasing Program for Skytree Cumulus Direct Air Capture Units

Published on 
April 24, 2024

Skytree is now offering CEA businesses around the world an easier and more cost-effective option to begin enjoying the benefits of on-site generated direct air capture CO2 with the Skytree Cumulus Leasing Program.

Launched last September, Skytree Cumulus, which produces 20kg of CO2 per day, is the company’s first Direct Air Capture unit supporting the carbon dioxide supply needs of controlled agricultural environment businesses. Since its debut, Skytree has seen an enthusiastic response and demand from vertical farmers, greenhouse growers, algae producers and cannabis growers among other CEA businesses eager to access a reliable and uninterrupted circular supply of CO2.

Through the Skytree Cumulus Leasing Program, qualified customers now have the option of leasing the Cumulus system for either a 4 or 6 year term with the option to purchase the Skytree Cumulus system at the end of the lease period. Skytree will provide weekly CO2 performance reports and deliver corrective and preventative maintenance services through the Skytree Uptime Assurance program, which is included in the lease amount.

By removing the upfront capital expense of purchasing a unit and offering flexible monthly or annual payment options, Skytree is effectively removing any remaining barriers for CEA companies seeking a cost-effective and environmentally responsible DAC-powered source of CO2.

Read more on Skytree Cumulus and the new leasing program options.

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