Skytree innovator awarded prestigious Forbes accolade

Published on 
May 17, 2020

Some of Europe’s most influential young leaders and entrepreneurs were recognised on the Forbes 30 under 30 Europe 2019 awards list. Featuring on this illustrious list was Shubham Sandeep, Chief Commercial Officer of Skytree, the Amsterdam based automotive air recirculation specialist. This year’s awardees also include actor Daniel Radcliffe, Antoine Greizmann of Atletico Madrid and Anna Jones, co-founder of RefuAid.

Described as tomorrow’s champions, those who pave the way for their generation, their country and the world, these talented and innovative winners from many different backgrounds are ones to watch out for.

Shubham was recognised in the ‘Manufacturing & Industry’ category, and he states “The award was granted for the innovative nature of the Skytree CO2 re-capture technology and my contribution to our commercial growth and current achievements, particularly how we are promoting the transition towards electric vehicles and improving air quality”

Rigorous process

Selection for the distinguished ‘Forbes 30 under 30 awards’ is a rigorous process involving the knowledge and authority of an extensive community of judges who are all reputable industry leaders. Candidates are evaluated by a set of metrics in addition to qualities which showcase their inventiveness and potential.

Shubham’s award is a reflection on his personal contribution to the growth of Skytree and his previous achievement in running and selling a solar energy company.

“I am extremely honoured, humbled and excited to be recognised by Forbes,” continued Shubham. “It is the culmination of previous effort, success and failure which has led me here, and I am thankful to everyone who has contributed to this.”

Positive impact

Shubham was quick to acknowledge the positive impact that Skytree can have on reducing harmful climate change and the long-term benefits from being associated with Forbes.

“The most important benefit of this award is joining an amazing community of young achievers and learning from them as we all try to fulfil our potential and make the world a better place,” observed Shubham, continuing; “I hope the award will help us attract potential employees and raise more funds.”

Stamp of appoval

Skytree’s CEO, Max Beaumont enthuses “I’m delighted that Shubham has been recognised, and it’s a privilege to work with him. This award is also a stamp of approval on Skytree’s technology and business model.”

Amsterdam based Skytree build products designed to purify and recirculate air both in vehicles and buildings through the extraction of carbon dioxide. The application of Skytree technology to heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems reduces costs by simultaneously increasing energy efficiency and improving indoor air quality.

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