Skytree joins the Taskforce Negative Emissions

Published on 
December 8, 2022

On the 17th of November, Skytree joined the Taskforce Negative Emissions (TNE), a group of companies and scientific institutions that work on capturing CO2, towards leading negative emissions. Together with 15 other partners, Skytree has signed the Manifesto with the CCU Alliantie to accelerate policy measures for negative emissions, and stress the necessity and urgency of negative emissions, hoping it will get moved higher on the political agenda. The Manifesto aims to scale up the existing knowledge and technology for negative emissions by efficient cooperation within the sector and chain partners, drawing an implementation plan with a realization path by 2030. 

Considering the report of IPCC (International Panel on Climate Change), stating that: “One of the ways to stay within the 1.5-degree target is that the amount of CO2 we remove from the atmosphere exceeds the amount of CO2 we add to the atmosphere, resulting in ‘negative emissions’”, Skytree among other companies sees the importance of joining the alliance in the journey towards this goal. As one of the developing technologies for Carbon Dioxide Removal, Skytree aims to produce Direct Air Capture technology that would lessen the percentage of emissions by creating circularity with emitted emissions from certain businesses and types of sectors.

Additionally, the cooperation aims to work towards increased collaboration between the clean-tech sector and various governments, such that more support and attention would be paid to all technologies that extract CO2 from the atmosphere to achieve large-scale development. Through this collaboration a clear roadmap for achieving negative emissions is to be developed, including verified accounting models. Lastly, it is expected that this partnership will create a space for CO2 recycling and valid certification for negative-emissions technology in order to create aspiration in other companies to join and follow suit. 

You can read more here:

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