The Future of CO2 Supply Webinar Part 2

Published on 
April 16, 2024

The second webinar in our 3 part series ‘The Future of CO₂  Supply,’ outlines how Direct Air Capture (DAC) can revolutionize CO₂ enrichment for vertical farms. On this webinar, you can see our Skytree Cumulus unit from an engineering perspective with mechanical engineering team lead, Gunther van Molendorff, as well as a vertical farm customer testimonial and DAC benefits for the CEA industry overview with business development director Camille Hanna.

In joining this webinar, you will:

  1. See a deep dive into the history of innovation, current technological setup, and data monitoring from the engineering perspective.
  2. See our Skytree Cumulus unit in action.
  3. Gain understanding of the benefits DAC brings to vertical farms and learn more about the integration of the technology with already existing onsite systems.
  4. See a testimonial from one of our vertical farm customers and learn more about the total cost of ownership analysis of their case.
  5. Get all your ‘How can DAC work for our vertical farm’ related questions answered by our Business Development Director, Camille Hanna.

Who is this for?

This webinar is for everyone interested in integrating Direct Air Capture into their vertical farm,  a deep dive into Skytree’s direct air capture technology and how it benefits the vertical farming industry.


Camille Hanna, Business Development Director at Skytree

Gunther van Molendorff, Mechanical Engineer Team Lead

Watch the webinar:

Lucie Jechova
Lucie Jechova
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