The Skyforest takes root

Published on 
August 5, 2020

At Skytree we just love trees, since they are master carbon capture machines, so we are proud to announce the beginning of our Skyforest. Since June 2020 we are supporting the Mossy Earth project. They will plant trees for us every month in the Southern Carpathian mountains in Romania. As such we plant over 600 trees per year and help to reforest one of the last wildernesses of Europe!

Duarte de Zoeten started Mossy Earth with his co-founder Matthew Davies, when they wanted to give people a chance to make a positive impact in transparent projects. The growing awareness of people that we need to store more carbon by planting trees is fantastic. However we must not forget to give some attention to the mass extinction of species that is happening as a consequence of human interference with their habitat. That is why at Mossy Earth they do not just plant trees but also restore and conserve wildlife.

"We are really excited to start our partnership with Skytree! It will enable us to continue our reforestation work in the Southern Carpathian mountains as well as fund a variety of rewilding impact projects around the globe."

Duarte de Zoeten - Co-founder of Mossy Earth

Care to see our Skyforest? Check out the link to their GPS location.

"Mossy Earth is one of the only reforestation comapnies that supplies GPS coordinates of all the trees they plant on your behalf. The team you speak with is the same team that gets their hands dirty, kneeling on the side of mountains in the rain, planting saplings to make for a cooler and safer planet for all species. I can't recommend them enough!"

Max Beaumont - CEO of Skytree

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