Skytree featured in Fast Company

Published on 
January 11, 2018

Skytree is proud to be featured in Fast Company in an in-depth article about the Direct Air Capture industry. Read our contribution below:

Skytree, a Dutch startup that makes technology that is already used on the International Space Station to maintain safe levels of CO2, is currently testing ways to make that technology more efficient and cheaper for outdoor use, as well as ways to commercialize it for indoor air purification. Unlike Carbon Engineering, it plans to focus on using CO2 to make products like plastic that can contain carbon through their life cycle, and then be recycled.

“Finding a business model that will fund it is where I see the largest challenge, after bringing down the cost of the technology sufficiently,” says Max Beaumont, CEO and founder of Skytree. “If the funding is there, the systems can be built. We are capable of manufacturing hardware on a large scale–just look at the 90 million cars produced last year. Instead of storing CO2 underground where it has no real value or use case, ultimately we need to affix it inside of building materials or other large-scale commodities, e.g., plastics.”

Full article here:

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