Skytree joins the WUR's Club van 100

Published on 
January 15, 2024

Skytree, an Amsterdam-based Direct Air Capture technology provider, has today joined the Club van 100 established by Wageningen University Research (WUR). Skytree is a pioneering climate tech company dedicated to advancing innovative Direct Air Capture (DAC) and reutilization solutions with a focus on greenhouses. 

The Club van 100 was created by WUR, with the aim of strengthening cooperation between businesses within the greenhouse community. The community gives members the opportunity to share knowledge, build relationships and to strengthen their proposition. In addition, the Club van 100 is now setting their own ambitions towards a sustainable and profitable horticultural sector. Skytree's solution can be seen as one of the means to achieve this.

Joining Club van 100 kicks off an exciting year ahead for Skytree. Early 2024 the company will ship the first of its Skytree Cumulus DAC units to customers around the world, followed by a larger system later in the year. Skytree will be focused on developing relationships with new partners and ensuring circular CO2 in the global greenhouse industry is fully incorporated into the food productivity and sustainability conversation.  

Ot Messemaker, global proposition manager of Skytree says, “We’re very pleased to announce Skytree’s joining of the Club van 100. Wageningen University is one of the most prestigious institutions in the world when it comes to horticulture innovation, and with 10 years of research under our belts, we see this as the perfect partnership. We look forward to making the most of the community aspect of the Club van 100, and strengthening our relationships with innovative businesses in the sector.” 

Jacqueline van Oosten, Business Development Manager is proud that Skytree has become a member of the Club van 100. Direct Air Capture is one of the promising solutions towards an emission free horticulture. The number of winning innovation prizes shows that others think similarly. The way it fits in the current or future systems, is something that we can work on jointly.

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